West Coast Style Meets East Coast Flavor

west coast style beers × East coast yeast


Located in the Central Coast, Little Tree Brewing blends west coast style with east coast flavors.

Little Tree Brewing is taking the traditional hoppy and bold west coast style beers and adding some east coast flavor with proprietary yeast sourced from an old defunct Newark, NJ brewery.



Coming to Paso Robles, CA soon!



Three years ago, we decided it was time to create our own business. The idea of working for ourselves and selling something we could make ourselves was what we wanted to do. We both have a love for beer and once we started making it, we knew we had to share it! Since we have several ties to the East Coast, we wanted to differentiate our beer by using East Coast yeast with traditional West Coast style beers. 

Our name, Little Tree Brewing, is significant in that we were raised in the Bay Area where there are a lot of tall Redwood trees. When deciding on a place to settle down and raise a family, we chose the Central Coast, where there are a lot of little trees.